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Dare to Compare 

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your Toyota in top condition. And it's good to know that the entire team at your Toyota dealer is ready to help you make it through the winter season. So when it's time to get your vehicle ready for what lies ahead, just give your Toyota dealer a call.

After all, the same quality that goes into making your Toyota goes into each and every service we offer. From Toyota Genuine Parts, crafted with quality and precision, to the highly skilled, factory-trained technicians who service your vehicle, it all adds up to unmatched value.

So call today to schedule your appointment. 

Toyota Touch

Next to your home, the biggest investment you will likely make is for a car or truck. Unfortunately, the effects of sun, weather, and road hazards like sand and salt can cause any vehicle's value to decline rapidly.

Let the TOYOTA TOUCH help maintain that fresh, cared-for-look... and help protect your investment.

The TOYOTA TOUCH gives you...

  • Pride of Ownership... the better your vehicle looks, the better you look.
  • Protection for your investment... your vehicle gains longevity and durability - both inside and out.
  • Higher Resale Value... a vehicle that has been dealer maintained and dealer protected will automatically be worth more at the time of resale.
By enhancing your vehicle's appearance two or three times a year with the TOYOTA TOUCH, it will be fully protected all year round. And the sooner you start that protection, the better your vehicle will continue to look.

Service 101

Beneath your Toyota's sleek, aerodynamic exterior are some of the most sophisticated automotive systems in operation today. However, understanding how your Toyota operates isn't as difficult as it might seem.

In fact, the more you know, the more you'll appreciate the research and development that make your Toyota one of the most worry-free vehicles on the road. You'll also be far more comfortable and confident when it comes time to discuss routine service and maintenance with your Toyota Service Advisor.

So take a few moments and click your way to a better understanding of your Toyota.

Toyota Roadside Assistance : Call 1-888-869-6828


You purchased Toyota because of our reputation for quality - and because you have better things to do than worry about vehicle reliability and dependability. Those are the very same reasons that you should insist on Toyota Parts when it's time for routine replacement.

Genuine Toyota Parts are the only parts that have been manufactured to meet  Toyota's rigorous standards of safety, appearance and durability - helping to protect you as well as the value of your investment.

To learn more about Toyota Parts, and the part you can play in keeping  your Toyota in peak operating condition, please select the  part listed  above. You'll find out what each part does, the factors and  conditions  that can cause wear and tear, and when and why you should  follow the  maintenance guidelines for your vehicle as detailed in the  Toyota Maintenance Menu.


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